Making Your Television Look Like Wall Art


Although most people have a television in their own living space or Living area, a television is not necessarily the most attractive characteristic in the room. Wall mounted flat screen televisions are more appealing than many old designs of televisions, but they can develop into a somewhat nasty focus inside the area.

Actually, as They Are big and Are often hung on the wall at a prominent place, they can sometimes even be more difficult to combine beautifully into the total room decoration than other types of televisions. Even though some people today attempt to hide their hi-tech televisions behind custom cupboard units with doorways, or utilize a curtain, blind or other apparatus to pull over the television when it isn't being used, 1 method of mixing a sizable wall-mounted television stylishly to the space would be to make it resemble wall art.

Produce a Wall Art Grouping that Includes the Television

1 effective Way of mixing a wall-mounted to the area would be to Treat it within a general wall group. Rather than hanging the television on the wall, then consider surrounding it together with other smaller pieces of artwork. Utilizing abstract kinds of artwork is frequently the best, because they're more visually distracting in near proximity to the television whenever you're watching it.

Groupings of smaller sized artwork are Also more powerful than using larger bits, because the bigger art pieces may compete with the massive size of this television. By grouping a range of little straightforward pieces of artwork round the television, it will just blend in with all the others.

Screen the Television on a Shelf

Although You'll still mount the True television directly onto The wall to get appropriate support, it is possible to help prevent the"floating" appearance by installing a shelf right beneath the base edge of their television display.

This has the Benefit of watching the television visually, and Lets you display different pieces, like framed photographs or even plants or books, on each side of the television. This technique can be particularly successful when attempting to combine a television to the general decorating motif of a space, since the shelf system helps make the television seem to be part of the general decoration, instead of only a large flat display affixed to the wall.

Blend the Television to the Room's Architectural Features

Rather than hanging the television on a plain wall, then attempt Designing some intriguing architectural features to the wall. This might help visually anchor the television, which makes it stand out from a more interesting manner. By way of instance, consider installing a sheet of decorative wainscoting on the wall right behind where the television is to be mounted, then edging the wainscoting having a fascinating trim.

Or try using Wood molding to really framework the television, which may create an Interesting effect, particularly if wood can be used on the region supporting the television. Background and other decorative edges are also utilized Efficiently on the wall region enclosing the television to provide it the Look of artwork.